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The brass welded with silver is the main material of our accessories and radiators and one of their main added values. The Caos tubular collections are of excellent quality because they are made in brass, a metal that, unlike steel commonly used by competitors, ensures a higher and faster heat output and does not corrode over time. Likewise, the frontal aluminium radiant panels allow a rapid spread of heat evenly over the entire surface.

The finishes are a further opportunity to appreciate our know-how and aptitude for innovation, refinement and the satisfaction of the widest possible range of styles, starting from the classic chrome plating up to the high level galvanic finishes, to the gilding with real gold, the satin finishing, the polymeric powder coating with very high resistance nanoceramic pigments and to the gold and silver leaf.

Our attention to the environment also makes us resort to the ecomalta, an ecological material without lime, cement and epoxy resins, made with inert materials coming for 40 percent from certified recycling.


Respect for the environment, rather than an objective, is an obsession for us. In Caos, sustainability is a concept that translates into the use of recyclable materials, the propensity to monomateriality and a design method that facilitates rapid separation of waste, in line with international standards of the Life Cycle Assessment.


The thermal efficiency of the Caos radiators is certified by the Thermometric Research Measurements Laboratory of the Department of Energy, Politecnico di Milano, the maximum agency in Italy and reference laboratory for EN – ISO standards. The laboratory, in addition to determining the actual thermal power, carries out pressure and pressure loss tests.