The company

We are an established reality of Italian design with twenty-five years of history and in constant growth. Design, technology and tailoring have always been the tools with which we bring home the excellence of Made in Italy. Future and tradition, design and high craftmanship meet in our factories to transform into the warmth and comfort of your homes.

Materials, Sustainability, Certifications

The materials used for our accessories and radiators are chosen to meet high quality standards, guaranteeing longevity to the products and a higher thermal output certified by the Energy Department of the Politecnico di Milano. Caos is also committed to respecting the environment by opting for recyclable materials and designing monomaterial articles in line with the standards of the Life Cycle Assessment.

Art direction

From the object to the collection and the preparation of events and fairs, passing through communication at every level: graphics, catalogs, photography. Art direction is the natural completion of my work as a designer, the activity that leads me to build a thread in the identity of a brand, enhancing its coherence and highlighting the most innovative and original aspects.

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Rete di distribuzione

Il rispetto dell’ambiente, più che un obiettivo, è per noi un’ossessione. 
In Caos la sostenibilità è un concetto che si traduce nell’impiego di materiali riciclabili, nella propensione alla monomatericità e in un metodo progettuale che facilita la separazione rapida degli scarti, in linea con gli standard internazionali del Life Cycle Assessment.


Communication is the last and strategic piece of a mosaic that testifies to a story of excellence: the one that begins in our factory and ends in your home.

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