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The company

We are an established reality of Italian design with twenty-five years of history and in constant growth. Design, technology and tailoring have always been the tools with which we bring home the excellence of Made in Italy. At the base of our collections of bathroom accessories and radiators are the desire to innovate, a refined aesthetic and the elegant and strong character of shapes that meet noble materials rarely used in our sector. A vision of living projected into the future leads us every day to interpret the needs of customers to whom we offer design products or classics that are always customizable. We assure attention, dynamism and certain manufacturing and delivery times. Future and tradition, design and high craftmanship meet in our factories to transform into the warmth and comfort of your homes.

Made in Italy and tailoring

Our supply chain is entirely Italian. In our factory in Prato, Tuscany, we manufacture all the components of the collections and we turn to suppliers and partners active in the rest of the country. Made in Italy is a value for us and the key to adapting our products to any need, to create dedicated accessories, designed for exclusive and large-scale projects and installations, truly tailor-made.

The secret of Caos’s quality is inscribed in our know-how that combines the artisan know-how with the most advanced technologies, the Italian tradition of historical manufacturing with that of machines.

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In our factory there are six numerical control machines in operation that guarantee the best that contemporary technology can offer to the furniture industry.

Turners and milling machines open up a world of production possibilities and enhance our planning and the care we put into every detail. Delicate and complex operations such as the removal of material are carried out in our factory in a short time and with great skill, as well as finishing operations on continuous surfaces.

Guided by our specialized technicians, the machines ensure the precision and tailoring that characterize the accessories and Caos radiators.

Craftwork 2.0

Attention to details, appreciable in the forms and finishes, enhances the wisdom and the dexterity of our qualified operators, able to impress on the products the signs of a tradition that comes from afar, from the centuries-old history of the Renaissance shops that reached in Tuscany its maximum expression.

Our artisans work on welding brass with silver. From their hands pass noble materials that transform in a moment of high manufacturing what for other brands is simple routine and mechanical gesture, personalising each product making it perfect for the needs and taste of the customers, overcoming the constraints and limits of industrial production. In Caos, a consolidated combination of craftsmanship and technology create a perfect example of industry 4.0.